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Citycorp Estates is a property letting, Management And Service Provider within Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

We offer guaranteed rental options to property owners with a qualifying property. 

Since incorporation in 2010, we have grown from strength to strength each year. By focusing on quality rather than quantity we have managed to offer a unique customer focused service which our landlords and tenants love.

The  property related services are also becoming increasingly popular for their simple and cost effective manner in which they are organised and completed.


We take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to advancing our policies and systems across our organisation in order to address and monitor all aspects of our responsibilities that are relevant to our business. 

To improve our responsibilities towards our customers, ethical, corporate etc, we are always happy to take positive steps which could help us achieve them.

Our vision

Our vision is to become more recognised for offering property owners, agents and professionals an additional method to rent out their properties in the form of long term guaranteed contracts as well as company leases, rather than the standard residential lettings they are so often used to. 

We also aim to adapt the services we offer as well as the method in which we deliver them in order to stay ahead of the constantly changing industry.

Our mission

There are several areas of our organisation in which we continue to strive and improve in the services that we offer. Our biggest aim is surrounding the concept of streamlining and making tasks easier in order to become more effective. By understanding the importance of this, we found that working together, whether it be internally between the various sectors of our organisation or with external partners, will continue to make our organisation a lot stronger and more valuable to our partners and customers. 

We also aim to reach out to as many property owners, agents and professionals as we can throughout England,  in order to offer them long term rent guaranteed contracts on their properties.

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