Free GAs Certificate

A great incentive to register with us.

Free Gas Safety certificate if you register with us

We are currently offering a great incentive to new landlords who register their properties with us (in order to rent it out if it is empty or manage it if it is occupied) by offering to pay for a gas safety certificate on their registered property when it becomes due. The offer is valid for residential properties that register with us prior to 30th November 2021. The properties will need to be rented or managed through us for a minimum of 1 year and we will not be responsible for paying for any repairs on the boiler/heating system or appliances in order for the gas certificate to pass. Any property which fails the gas safety checks and certificate; the landlord/ owner will be responsible for paying for repairs as well as the second visit from the gas engineer in order to certify the gas.   

Interested in registering?

Step 1:

Contact us (call or message)- let us know you are interested in registering your property so we can take the address and begin the process.

Step 2:

Book an appointment- we need to see your property and the boiler so we can schedule the gas safe engineer to visit the property.

Step 3:

Contracts- we need to complete the contracts in order for us to be able to organise the engineer and begin dealing with your property.

How much rent could you get for your property?